is a Valingro initiative

Valingro seeks to facilitate, develop & build enterprises girded by Values that have stood the test of time. Towards this, Valingro is involved in creating companies concentrating on global competitiveness, leveraging global opportunities and acquiring global capabilities. The spirit of excellence pervades every business task we undertake and thus bringing to reality - Business Transcending Time. Valingro addresses the needs of Clients, Employees, Shareholders, Partners, Vendors and Society at large to ensure long-term growth and success. The most important requirement for managing change entails, preparing people for it. People who may be affected by it have to be given the requisite training. This involves effective communication about the necessity and scope of changes and empowerment As part of its influencing presence in its niche businesses, Valingro has been constantly investing in building its personnel into future Leaders. This has been done partly through its in-house training on Values which have been fundamental to its growth strategy. Values in turn have been also instrumental in inculcating a Long term perspective instead of the hit & run philosophy.


Valingro makes a difference in the lives of it's over 1000 families through various corporate initiatives. Considering the evolution of Valingro’s Values & initiatives among it’s companies, was launched to accelerate these value additions through their training program. The training modules are of various design & durations as a single style cannot fit all needs. Training also needs to be based on needs and should be highly purpose driven. All our training is therefore principle-based processes that work towards long-term sustainable change, not "instant-success" programs. One-day seminars & workshops have value, but they should only serve as the start of a process - a process of lifelong learning. Real change takes place when people are empowered to shift their worldview in a way that it influences their values that become reflected in everyday practice

Our specialized trainers are backed by dedicated teams that handhold during the follow-up process till information results in the desired transformation. Our training approach builds robust & dynamic leadership through a series of interventions that develop self-evaluation & team dynamics. In the workplace, strengthening interpersonal relationships and managing stress are other challenging factors. In a fast changing environment, training methods enable people to be effective to come across these challenges. training enables people to build trust, ownership, communicate, influence and internalize these values to achieve their business goals.