For organizations to survive, they must develop their next generation of leaders. To accomplish this, current leaders must not only be competent, but also model the vision, values, goals and objective of the organization.


The best organizations develop most of their future leaders from within, rather than recruiting them from the outside. This is because "home-grown" leaders better understand and sustain the corporate culture, mission and values. But this requires understanding leadership development as a process, not a program.


Many organizations seek a "quick-fix" when starting leadership development programs, a "one-size-fits-all" approach that fails to recognize the organization's distinctive needs. The problem is, quick fixes don't work over the long term. Leaders are not developed in one week, one month, or even one year. The inevitable outcome of quick-fix developmental programs is a leadership vacuum.


Every organization is unique in its culture, vision, needs, and distinct collection of leaders and staff. It therefore requires a unique strategy that is highly relevant to its environment for maximizing the leadership team's capabilities. In Leaders Legacy, we don't introduce a program, but a process - an adaptable framework that can be tailored and custom-fitted to the needs of any organization.


Developing leaders involves four key stages: hear it, see it, do it, and reproduce it. We will help you identify the core competencies of your organization and leadership team, and enable you to devise a practical, relevant plan so your leaders and prospective leaders can develop to their fullest potential.


With Springboards you will begin an exciting process through which you will be continually developing leaders and always have a pool of talented, prepared individuals for leadership roles who align with your culture, values and goals.

Through assessment and coaching we expand a person's capacity to be effective and flexible in their leadership roles. Our clients are those who are or who want to be proactive, bold and enlightened in their approach to attracting, developing and retaining their people. We turn potential into performance.

Leadership development cannot and does not happen by chance, especially if you want to achieve the standards of excellence and versatility necessary for mastering today's business environment.


At  Springboards, we value building for the future. Our Leadership development  encourages people who have the qualities and the desire to lead. We believe that the most effective leaders, lead and equip others to fulfill their dreams.

Springboards help leaders


  • Build trust
  • Be ethical
  • Teach
  • Facilitate meetings
  • Create balance
  • Handle conflict
  • Be creative
  • Self-promote