S MuraleedharanChief Placement Officer, SVCE

One of the best softskill company in Chennai offering best service to Student Community with Guaranteed results. Thanks to springboards for your continuous service to SVCE Students

Preetha Saraswathi Pune

My son was part of the summer training camp that was held from May 7 to May 11 in SVCE campus. The camp was organised in a very professional manner and my son was able to learn about every branch of engineering. This is utmost essential in the times when students end up in an engineering branch without even knowing what is about or if they are prepared for the same. Though I am placed in Pune, do keep me posted about interesting workshops and camps that you come up with.

S Sharme B Sc (Maths), Final Year

Trainers taught the content with real life experience. It was easy to understand the concept. Look for more training sessions like this. I learnt something useful

Shalini R B Com, Final Year

Nice training classes and is really very helpful to us. After attending Springboards training, got an idea how campus interviews will be and how to attend

Nausheen Ahamedunisa B Com, Final Year

The sessions were interactive and teaching was great and contents covered are limited as the training was for only 5 days and we request to increase the training sessions

Sherin Fathima & PavithraB Sc (CS), Final year

The Technical training sessions were easy to understand and Mam explained well about C, C++. We require more sessions like this along with our regular course contents

Shirley Diana ThomasB Sc (CS), Final year

Verabal - Training was easily understandable as the Trainer communicate well with us.
Quants - Explained in a detailed way and understood the logic.
Technical –The programming language was thought from basic and each step of the code is explained why it is used

Amirta Josna BE ECE, III Year

Contents were very useful and informative and well explained about campus placement interview points which created confident in us. The booklet prepared by springboards on Verbal, quants & reasoning is like a guide, Thank you.

Tamari Sai Vignesh BE Mech, III Year

The sessions were and booklet provided by springboards can be used as model paper while preparing for placement training. Any app /online assignment will be help to continuously practice what we learnt during the session

S Gowtham BE Civil, III Year

The sessions were interactive and feeling more positive. It motivates to do the sum as the trainers explained the solutions with life facts

SiddharthBE Civil, III Year

Verbal, quants and logical reasoning contents and sessions were good and would be good if you increase No. of sessions. May be a 7 days program rather than 5 days

Guna X standard

The orientation at School of Economics was good and we understood the importance of learning Economics.

Karthika X standard

The Orientation provided by Springboards to us was useful and we understood what is Engineering is about.

G Mohana Priya B Sc (Maths ), Final Year

All the trainers taught the contents very good and we understood the concepts

Hemalatha B Com, Final Year

The training sessions are very useful and they motivated, initiated to improve our skills