Why Springboards ?

whyspringboardsAt Springboards we work with companies & organizations that want to develop and implement sustained improvement in the workplace. Teams learn how to achieve more than they believed possible.

The corporate training we offer will challenge limiting beliefs, instill ethics into the decision-making process and dramatically improve the way people work together.

Training Methodology

  • Experiential (Film-based sessions, group activities)
  • Collaborative (facilitated by Team of Trainers)
  • Cognitive (Psychology, Philosophy, Neuroscience & Popular Culture)



Training Techniques

  • Based on principles of Synergy
  • Focus on Learning by Doing
  • Experiential learning evolved
  • Learning related to real life situations


Trainers Profiles

  • Well Qualified in respective fields
  • Over 5 years in training
  • National & International exposure
  • Committed to Transformation
  • Conducted more than 150 programs



  • Movies
  • Group Discussions
  • Role Plays
  • Video Clips
  • Music Based Activities
  • Group Games
  • Questionnaires / Tests
  • PPT Aided Facilitation
  • Expert Notes / Interviews
  • Module Based Exercises


Springboards, training programs have the following benefits for every participant:


  • Discover and leverage their highest potential
  • Break out of traditional restraints that discourage innovation and leadership
  • Practice actions, communication, behaviors and thinking that improve bottom-line profits
  • Set goals and create strategies for optimum corporate culture and a successful business future.


Other training companies tend to disappear once your program is over. Unfortunately, so do the results of their programs. Our programs offer more. Every team building, leadership and organizational development program we design continues to serve you down the road. That’s because our exclusive follow-up process allows us to pinpoint exactly what has been learned during the program and then helps you translate that knowledge from the activity to the real world, back within your organization and culture.